Digital Creative Writing, 12 Pieces You Won’t Believe How Fun They Are Until You Read Them!

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Throughout these few months, I have been part of a Digital Creative Writing class. We have learned different methods of creating digital literature. And here are some examples for ideas:

  1. Sky and Earth.
  2. Sadness of Death. 
  3. Poison Door.
  4. A Senator’s Appointment.
  5. Wilbur McIntosh (Twitter Performance).
  6. To Wish, To Curse.
  7. What to Give?
  8. Bella Luna.
  9. Follow the Road.
  10. Un-Create a Sonnet.
  11. Winter Night.
  12. Volcano Gorge.



Taroko Gorge, Taroko Gary and Camel Tail.

Taroko Gorge is explaining the place that holds the name. It is very natural and holds elements like forests, animals, stone, etc. Plus the background is green so it adds to that outside feel. It’s by Nick Montfort.


Taroko Gary is a different and it’s a remix by Leonardo Flores. The element of nature is still present, yet this time it uses the Gary Snyder’s work as the basis. One can see one of Snyder’s pieces on the background which shows what the endless poem is talking about. The repetition of words like ghosts, mountain, canyon, boulders, and others give it its feel.


Camel Tail is another remix made by Sonny Rae Tempest. It changes the original Taroko Gorge into a whole new piece. It uses the lyrics of Metallica songs and creates a very diverse poem. Having heard some of Metallica’s song myself, the poem keeps on creating such a poem that holds the voice of the band.

Winter Nights

A little movie for a class. I used both Canva and Unimator to create this. Then I used a Windows Movie Maker to make a slideshow and edit it. Soundtrack “Starling” by Podington Bear.

It has to do with Christmas. It is a time of giving and happiness. Yet I want to make people conscious that there are those who do not have the same blessings we consider normal and maybe in some way we can make an effort to make someone’s winter a happy one.

Bella Luna

Made by using Audacity and Windows Movie Maker.



Bella Luna

The Artemis, the just huntress

The one never amiss

An enchantress

As you undress

The night feels bliss

Bella Luna…

To curse or to bless

The laguna

Just where there is


Of skin to caress.